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Donnish Journal Of
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October 2017 Vol. 3(1), pp. 001-009


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Recently Published Articles

Simultaneous Determination of Copper and Lead in Environmental Samples by Anodic Stripping Voltammetry
Nikolay Zaitsev, Dencho Stanev, Krasimira Stancheva*, Viktoria Trifonova, Veska Shivacheva and Hristivelina Jecheva
Donn. J. Pure. Appl. Chem. (2017) 3(1): pp. 001-006
[Abstract]   [Full Text - PDF]

Urban Development Practices in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria
Donn. J. Geo. Reg. Plann. (2017) 3(2): pp. 010-016
[Abstract]   [Full Text - PDF]

The Relationship between Foreign Direct Investment and Selected Economic Indicators in Nigeria: A Causality Approach
D.I. Ekine, AJIE, Charity Ogorchukwu and OJIYA, Emmanuel Ameh
Donn. J. Econ. Int. Finan. (2017) 3(2): pp. 137-145
[Abstract]   [Full Text - PDF]

Evaluating Residents’ Quality of Life in Core Area of Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State
Donn. J. Geo. Reg. Plann. (2017) 3(1): pp. 001-009
[Abstract]   [Full Text - PDF]

A Comparative Study of Nigeria’s Sea Fisheries Act and Sea Fisheries Regulations Vis-a-vis Malaysia’s Fisheries Act
Macaulay J. D. Akpan
Donn. J. Law. Conflict. Resolut. (2017) 3(2): pp. 025-028
[Abstract]   [Full Text - PDF]

Causes, Effect and Abatement Measures of Flooding in River Ajilosun Drainage Basin in Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria
Arohunsoro, Segun Joseph and Omotoba, Nathaniel Ileri*
Donn. J. Ecol. Nat. Envir. (2017) 4(1): pp. 001-010
[Abstract]   [Full Text - PDF]

Confidence Levels of Dental Interns in Treating Prosthodontic Patients and their Point of View Regarding the Quality of Prosthodontic Education; A Survey Done in Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy
Naif Ahmed AlRumayyan, Dalal Mohammed AlRumayyan, Naif Mohammed AlRabiah, Salman Mohammed AlRumayyan and Shahzeb Hasan Ansari
Donn. J. Dent. Oral Hyg. (2017) 3(5): pp. 027-030
[Abstract]   [Full Text - PDF]

Retirement Planning in Nigeria: Issues and Challenges of Law and Pension Policy Objectives
Macaulay J. D. Akpan
Donn. J. Law. Conflict. Resolut. (2017) 3(1): pp. 018-024
[Abstract]   [Full Text - PDF]

Separatist Agitations and the Search for Political Stability in Nigeria
Zacchaeus Adangor
Donn. J. Law. Conflict. Resolut. (2017) 3(1): pp. 001-017
[Abstract]   [Full Text - PDF]

Influence of Teacher’s Knowledge of Content on Effective use of Inquiry-Based Approach in Teaching Preschool Science in Migori County, Kenya
Ganira Khavugwi Lilian and Odundo Paul Amolloh*
Donn. J. Edu. Res. Rev. (2017) 4(1): pp. 001-007
[Abstract]   [Full Text - PDF]

The Relationship between Seed Weight, Nutrient Composition and Germinating Seeds of Five Tree Species of the Lake Chad Basin Area of Nigeria
Kyari B. A, Mohammed F. K, Apagu B and Waziri, M. S*
Donn. J. Agric. Res. (2017) 4(1): pp. 001-004
[Abstract]   [Full Text - PDF]

Evaluation of the Woody Stem of Alstonia boonei for some Physical Properties
Otoide Jonathan Eromosele
Donn. J. Agric. Res. (2017) 4(1): pp. 005-008
[Abstract]   [Full Text - PDF]

Industrial Incentives in Niger: An Analysis in Terms of Domestic Resource Costs
Abdo Hassan Maman
Donn. J. Afric. Std. Dev. (2017) 3(2): pp. 010-017
[Abstract]   [Full Text - PDF]

Physicochemical, Pasting and Sensory Characteristics of Complementary Foods Formulated from Plantain, Pigeon Pea and Maize Flours
Ige, M. M.
Donn. J. Food Sci. Tech. (2017) 3(2): pp. 007-015
[Abstract]   [Full Text - PDF]

Noninvasive Markers for Detection of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Diabetic Egyptian Patients
Lamiaa Mobarak, Hams Ahmed Taha, Gamal Abo El Fath, Maha Abdel Ghany, Mona Nasar, Hala H El Deeb and Nashwa Ahmed
Donn. J. Genet. Molecul. Bio. (2017) 2(2): pp. 005-010
[Abstract]   [Full Text - PDF]

Genetic Variation of Enterobacter cloacae Using Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD-PCR) Technique
Yahya A. Abbas* and Ghosoon Fadhel Radhi
Donn. J. Micro. Biotech. Res. (2017) 4(3): pp. 010-023
[Abstract]   [Full Text - PDF]

Knowledge and Awareness of Dental Implants: A Survey Done among Saudi General Public
Hashmaih Al Hashim, Fatimah Saleh, Rehab Al Essa, Yasmeen Taher, Mashaer Khalifa, Doaa Al Yaseen and Shahzeb Hasan Ansari
Donn. J. Dent. Oral Hyg. (2017) 3(4): pp. 019-026
[Abstract]   [Full Text - PDF]

Ethnic Disparities in the Prevalence of Dental Caries among the Outpatients of Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy, Saudi Arabia
Shahzeb H. Ansari*, Afaf Mattar, Kholoud AlAjmi, Shahad AlHarbi, Aseel Madani and Sabah Alenazi
Donn. J. Dent. Oral Hyg. (2017) 3(3): pp. 012-018
[Abstract]   [Full Text - PDF]

Factors Affecting Career Satisfaction among Undergraduate Dental Students: A Comparison between Male and Female Students of Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy, Saudi Arabia
Shahzeb Hasan Ansari*, Mohammed Al Zahrani, Yazeed Al Shumamry, Rakan Al Subaity, Turki Dahman, Mohammed Al Harby and Moteb Al Homidany
Donn. J. Dent. Oral Hyg. (2017) 3(2): pp. 006-011
[Abstract]   [Full Text - PDF]

Isolation and Identification of Bacteria from Diabetic and Non-diabetic Patients with Periodontitis
Amani A. Al-Abdul* and Israa K. Hussein
Donn. J. Micro. Biotech. Res. (2017) 4(2): pp. 004-009
[Abstract]   [Full Text - PDF]

The Current Status of Responsibility Accounting in Ugandan Public Universities
Philip Owino
Donn. J. Business. Financ. Managt. Res. (2017) 3(1): pp. 001-008
[Abstract]   [Full Text - PDF]

Molecular Study of two Types of Mutations in Promoters of IL-2 and IL-10 Genes in Iraqi Patients with Tuberculosis
Mazin S. Salman, Awatif H. Issa* and Majid N. Humoud
Donn. J. Genet. Molecul. Bio. (2017) 2(1): pp. 001-004
[Abstract]   [Full Text - PDF]

Molecular Detection of Environmental Morganella morganii as Histamine Producing Bacteria
Hanaa K. Ibrahim, Abdulelah A. Almayah and Awatif H. Issa*
Donn. J. Med. Med. Sci. (2017) 4(2): pp. 008-013
[Abstract]   [Full Text - PDF]

Knowledge and Attitude of Dental Students towards their Oral Health Care in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; A Comparison between Pre-clinical and Clinical Students
Shahzeb Hasan Ansari*, Shahid Pervez Shaikh, Hanan AlMozher, Wafa AlGhwainm, Sahar AlOthman and Huton Shweekan
Donn. J. Dent. Oral Hyg. (2017) 3(1): pp. 001-005
[Abstract]   [Full Text - PDF]

Activity Assay of Local Bacterial Culture in Biological Treatment of Organochloropesticides
Eman H. Qatie*, Ansam S. Sabie, Nibras M. Al-hasani, Alia F. Hachim, and Shahlaa K. Fartos
Donn. J. Micro. Biotech. Res. (2017) 4(1): pp. 001-003
[Abstract]   [Full Text - PDF]

Modes of Using Health Insurance Policies: Lessons from Daakye District, Ghana
Kwadwo Adusei-Asante* and Jonathan Georgiou
Donn. J. Afric. Std. Dev. (2017) 3(1): pp. 001-009
[Abstract]   [Full Text - PDF]

Effect of Fermentation and Variety on Quality Attributes of Okra Seed (Abelmoschus esculentus (L) Moench) Flour
Oluyemisi Elizabeth Adelakun*, Bosede Folake Olanipekun, Oluyemisi Akingbaso and Bhaskar Mani Adhikar
Donn. J. Food Sci. Tech. (2017) 3(1): pp. 001-006
[Abstract]   [Full Text - PDF]

Polymorphism of Interferon Gamma Promoter and Receptor among Tuberculosis Patients in Basra Province, South of Iraq
Awatif H. Issa* and Mazin S. Salman
Donn. J. Med. Med. Sci. (2017) 4(1): pp. 001-007
[Abstract]   [Full Text - PDF]

Quality Characteristics of Tomato Juice Produced and Preserved with and without its Seeds
Igile, G.O.*, Ekpe, O.O., Essien, N.M., Bassey, S.C. and Agiang, M.A.
Donn. J. Food Sci. Tech. (2016) 2(1): pp. 001-009
[Abstract]   [Full Text - PDF]

Practice of Safety Measures by Production Workers in two Nigerian Automobile Assembly Plants
Azuike EC*, Obi-Okaro AC, Ilika AL, Adinma ED, Nwabueze SA, Anene JO and Aniemena RC
Donn. J. Res. Environ. Stud. (2016) 3(4): pp. 025-033
[Abstract]   [Full Text - PDF]

MicroRNA-143 and -155 Levels as Biomarkers for Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Infection
Mohamed A. Saleh, Azza M. Faried*, Mai Ismail Mehrez, Sahar Mohamed Mustafa, Hala H. El Deeb, Naglaa Adly Abdelazeem, Anwar El Reweny and Mohamed Fawzi
Donn. J. Canc. Res. Exp. Oncol. (2016) 2(2): pp. 004-011
[Abstract]   [Full Text - PDF]

Study of Adiponectin and Lipid Profile Levels in Normotensive and Hypertensive Type 2 Diabetic Patients
Hamed Jadooa, Ph.D
Donn. J. Med. Med. Sci. (2016) 3(6): pp. 023-026
[Abstract]   [Full Text - PDF]

Virulence Factors of Proteus Species Causing Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infection
Basant Mostafa Gabr*, Wesam Hatem Amer, Moustafa Sadek Al Rafaey and Osama Mohamed Abo Farha
Donn. J. Micro. Biotech. Res. (2016) 3(3): pp. 013-020
[Abstract]   [Full Text - PDF]

Examining the Incidences of Sexual Defilement of Children in Nigeria
Akpoghome, Theresa U* and Nwano, Theophilus C
Donn. J. Law. Conflict. Resolut. (2016) 2(1): pp. 001-009
[Abstract]   [Full Text - PDF]

Epiphytic Lichens: Their Usefulness as Bio-indicators of Air Pollution
Rupnarayan Sett* and Maitreyee Kundu
Donn. J. Res. Environ. Stud. (2016) 3(3): pp. 017-024
[Abstract]   [Full Text - PDF]

Optimizing Soil Fertility Management Decision in Mali by Remote Sensing and GIS
Djeneba Dembele*, Kalifa Traore, Charles Quansh, Edward Mathew Osei Jnr, Bocar Dit Sire BA and Mamadou Ballo
Donn. J. Agric. Res. (2016) 3(4): pp. 022-034
[Abstract]   [Full Text - PDF]

Awareness, Knowledge and Reluctance Regarding Dental Implants
Dr. Maria Sohail, Dr. Hiba Aslam, Dr. Naseer Ahmed, Dr. Saba Faruqui*, Dr. Afsheen Maqsood, Dr. Mohammad Asif Ali Ansari and Dr. Hudebia Allah Buksh
Donn. J. Dent. Oral Hyg. (2016) 2(1): pp. 001-004
[Abstract]   [Full Text - PDF]

Will Pakistan Witness Another Military Takeover?
Muhammad Ali Ehsan
Donn. J. Pol. Sci. Int. Rel. (2016) 2(1): pp. 001-004
[Abstract]   [Full Text - PDF]

Assessing Local Farmers’ Awareness and Perceptions towards Wetland Protection and Conservation Strategies: The Case of Bugesera District, Rwanda
Gaspard Rwanyiziri* and Maurice Mugabowindekwe
Donn. J. Geo. Reg. Plann. (2016) 2(3): pp. 022-028
[Abstract]   [Full Text - PDF]

Study of Anti-Tuberculosis Drug Resistant Pattern among the Tuberculosis Patients Visiting German Nepal Tuberculosis Project
Simkhada RC, Shah Y,* Thapa J, Adhikari N, Paudyal R, Khadka KS, Dahal B, Chhetri A, Amatya J, Maharjan B and Shrestha B
Donn. J. Infect. Diseas. Immun. (2016) 2(3): pp. 011-015
[Abstract]   [Full Text - PDF]

Bio-herbicidal Potential of the Aqueous Extracts of the Leaves and Barks of Gliricidia sepium (Jacq) Kunth Ex Walp on the Germination and Seedling Growth of Bidens pilosa L.
Ayeni Modupe Janet
Donn. J. Agric. Res. (2016) 3(3): pp. 017-021
[Abstract]   [Full Text - PDF]

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