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July 2015 Vol. 2(5), pp. 037-047

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The Potential of Land Suitability for Growth And Production of Soybean Crops Particularly in Kediri

Ruslan Wirosoedarmo* and Sudarto

Department of Agricultural Engineering, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Brawijaya University, Malang, Indonesia.

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Accepted 10th March, 2015.


Spatial Analysis is a process of modeling, testing and interpretation of the model results, may be extracting or creating new information from a collection of elements of geography. Spatial analysis is integrated in a GIS system (Geographic Information System). Spatial analysis is a system to locate and understand the spatial relationships of spatial data, the process of searching and this understanding can be done with the show and performance of system commands (queries) roomates are integrated in the data. Land suitability is essentially the suitability of a particular type of land for a particular kind of use. Suitability of land is a specific land capability. The rate of land suitability, land use rate means the balance with the carrying capacity of the land, being the size of the feasibility of land use. Land is appropriately used in terms of carrying capacity being fully utilized. The spatial land meets the criteria of suitability and environmental economics knowledge and insights are applied simultaneously. The purpose of this study was to determine the suitability of potential agricultural land suitable for the growth and production of soybean in Kediri region with spatial analysis. The results of the study are; in the first growing season (March to May), there were 1,457 ha Including Appropriate classes (S1), 8,400 ha Including Moderate classes, class (S2), 2,457 ha Including Marginal Appropriate classes (S3) and 2,386 ha which belongs to the class Not Available (N) while the second growing season (June to August), can only be grouped into two classes of land suitability items, namely: 10.874 ha including Marginal Appropriate classes (S3) and 216 699 ha including class Not Available (N). The main limiting factor is the texture of the soil in the first season, while limiting factor in the second season is the texture of the soil and availability of water. The growing season to two soybean production ranged between 64.74 kw/ha - 106.6 kw/ha or 0.6474 tons/ha - 1,066 tons/ha with the addition of water of 6.46 mm/day - 9.45 mm/day.

Keywords: Land suitability, Growth, Production, Soyabean, Kediri.

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