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May 2015 Vol. 2(4), pp. 027-032

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Vermicomposting of Municipal Solid Waste: A Biophysicochemical Characteristics

Giti Kashi* and Fariba Khoshab

Department of Environmental Health, Faculty of Health, Islamic Azad University, Tehran Medical Sciences Branch, Khaghani St. Shariati Ave, Tehran, Iran

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Accepted 26th March, 2015.


The aim of this applied-analytical study is to investigate the feasibility of using selected raw waste mixtures after biological treatment using batch rectangular plastic boxes for vermicomposting (VC). We test various operating variables; these include biophysicochemical characteristics before and after vermicomposting, biophysicochemical characteristics of selected raw waste mixtures, earthworm biomass, and time to VC maturity. We pour selected raw waste mixtures+farm animal manure+agricultural wastes (as bulking agent) about 300 g, and 300-600 g of Eisenia fetida (as foreign earthworm) for 45-60 days in rectangular plastic containers (40 60 cm2). Characteristics of selected raw waste mixtures show that cotton industry waste+horse manure (M4) is the best medium for Eisenia fetida activity and has the best physicochemical characteristics. The findings indicate that copper, electrical conductivity, phosphorus, potassium, relative moisture, and zinc amounts are decreased with increasing time to VC maturity. Calcium, ferrous, manganese, magnesium, nitrogen, organic matter, pH amounts, and carbon to nitrogen ratio are increased with increasing time to VC maturity. The best conditions for VC production are obtained to be selected raw waste mixtures, T4, 600 g of Eisenia fetida, and time to VC maturity 60 days. We conclude that the physicochemical characteristics of produced VC follows the A class standard.

Keywords: Biophysicochemical characteristics, Earthworm, Manure Vermicomposting.

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