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June 2021 Vol. 7(4), pp. 025-029

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Original Research Paper

Relations between Dental and Somatic Pain in Children

Farah Alfrayh1, Reem Alnosair1, Atheer Alfaris1, Shaimaa Buhamad1, and Haneen Alshukairy2*

1Dental Interns, Riyadh Elm University, Riyadh, KSA
2BDS, MSc in Pediatric Dentistry - Lecturer Course Director, Clinical Instructor – Pediatric Department, Riyadh Elm University, Riyadh, KSA

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Accepted 5th June, 2021.


Introduction: Most of the children around the world have anxiety from dental clinic visits. The extreme anxiety is assumed to be associated with somatic pain, which is characterized by an intense focus on physical symptoms such as abdominal pain or shortness of breath. Aim: To assess the factors affecting the mental stability of children undergoing dental treatment. Material and Methods: An online questionnaire was designed using Google form conducted for parents. Questionnaires consisting of 16 questions regarding parents’ age, parent-child Relations, Region, Education, income, and Number of Children were administered. Results: The results indicate that dental treatment anxiety among children was associated with the child never having a dental appointment and other socioeconomic factors such as the gender of the parents, household income, and the area of residence. Conclusion: A significant number of children presented with dental anxiety and a history of dental pain, as well as with psychological instability when it comes to dental treatment.

Keywords: Children, Somatic pain, Anxiety.

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Farah Alfrayh, Reem Alnosair, Atheer Alfaris, Shaimaa Buhamad, and Haneen Alshukairy. Relations between Dental and Somatic Pain in Children. Donnish Journal of Dentistry and Oral Hygiene 7(4) 2021 pp. 025-029.

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