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Original Research Papers

Knowledge and Awareness of Saudi Teenage Boys towards the Maintenance of Oral Hygiene and Dietary Needs; A survey-based Study in Riyadh
Malek Saleh N AlMunif, Abdullah Mosleh A Alonazy, Mohammed Abdullah M AlBakr, Khalid Walid A Binsalih, Emad Saleh M Hareqah, Abdulaziz Othman A Alothman, and Arwa AlDossari
Donn. J. Dent. Oral Hyg. (2021) 7(5): pp. 059-063
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Stressful University Life and its Impact on the Students' Lifestyle; A Survey-based Study in Riyadh City
Ibrahim Alotaibi, Fahad Alfaifi, Rayan Alqarni, Rayan Alessa, Sultan Alotaibi, and Arwa AlDoassary
Donn. J. Dent. Oral Hyg. (2021) 7(5): pp. 064-068
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Stress Related to Tooth Discoloration among Young Females in the Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia
Mussarat Nafees, Huda Almomen, Shima Almomen, Hawraa Alsaeed, and Lujain Almanasef
Donn. J. Dent. Oral Hyg. (2021) 7(5): pp. 069-071
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Surface Properties and Color Stability of Resin-Infiltrated Enamel Lesions; A Review
Faisal Alshail and Abdulrahman AlSaffan
Donn. J. Dent. Oral Hyg. (2021) 7(5): pp. 072-073
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