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Original Research Papers

The Influence of Vape Smoking on the Saliva Flow Rate and Saliva PH Compared to Cigarette Smokers and Non-Smokers: A Cross-Sectional Study
Fatimah Alabdrab Alreda, Jumanah Al Najjar, Duaa Al Qanbar, Hadeel Al Mubarak, and Afraa Murriky
Donn. J. Dent. Oral Hyg. (2022) 8(4): pp. 019-024
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Dental Phobia among National Guard Employees at Central Region
Johara AL Shanwani, Saad Al Duhaimi, and Saad Al Hazzani
Donn. J. Dent. Oral Hyg. (2022) 8(4): pp. 025-029
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