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April 2015 Vol. 2(3), pp. 039-047

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School Heads’ Leadership Traits and Learners’ Academic Attainment in Uganda’s High Schools

1Naluwemba Frances, 2Sekiwu Denis and 3Victoria Tamale Kaggwa

1Faculty of Education, Kyambogo University, Kampala, Uganda.
2Faculty of Education at Muteesa I Royal University, Masaka, Uganda.
3College of Education and External Studies, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda.

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Accepted 18th February, 2015.


This paper analyses the correlation between School heads’ leadership traits and learners’ attainment in Uganda, with a sample of 12 secondary schools in Kampala Metropolitan City. The study findings were as such: High-performing schools register high student grades (μ=68. 47) compared to Moderately-performing schools (μ=58.2) and Low-performing schools (μ=37.41). Secondly, the situational leader is the most appropriate trait to account for improved academic attainment (F=18.41), followed by the democratic trait (F=17.06), the laissez faire management trait accounting for n F statistic of 10.39, and the autocratic school head (F=10.01). Third, the higher the situational leadership trait is used, the higher the learners’ academic attainment (β1=0.653; p≤0.05). Fourth, democratic trait school heads reasonably influence learners’ academic attainment (β2=-0.481; p≤0.05). Learners’ academic attainment is incompatible with autocratic trait school headships (β3=-0.651; p≤0.05), just as it is similar with laissez faire trait school heads (β4=-0.292; p≤0.05). Finally the study recommends that situational school headship is more appropriate for academic attainment because of being more adaptable to the current demands of the teaching service.

Keywords: Leadership styles, Head teachers‟ leadership, Academic achievement, Uganda‟s education

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Naluwemba Frances, Sekiwu Denis and Victoria Tamale Kaggwa. School Heads’ Leadership Traits and Learners’ Academic Attainment in Uganda’s High Schools. Donnish Journal of Educational Research and Reviews 2(3) 2015 pp. 039-047.

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