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November 2015 Vol. 1(3), pp. 035-041

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Research on Key Problems Facing Ivory Coast’s Mining Industry

Kouame Joseph Arthur Kouame*, Fuxing Jiang, and Yu Feng

School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing, 30 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100083, PR China.

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Accepted 2nd November, 2015.


Mining is one of the major sources of income to indigenous people in Ivory Coast. There is job creation and employment increase. However, some of the major problems facing Ivory Coast in recent years include high population, corruption and unemployment, lack of trained youth, poor health facilities, insecurity and the negative effects of the political instability between 2002 and 2011. According to multiple investigations and interviews, the above mentioned problems have led to many problems in the mining sector, such as illegal mining activities and unauthorized selling of land to illegal miners. Most parents encourage their children to go to illegal gold mines at the expense of their lives and education. For this reason, this paper is focused on providing a comprehensive analysis; in-depth summary of the problems facing Ivory Coast’s mining industry. This is to enrich the theoretical basis, scientific foundation for economic development and to promote the mining industry in Ivory Coast. Possible solutions are proposed in the recommendations.

Keywords: Ivory Coast, mining industry, illegal mining problem, GIS, GVC.

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