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November 2015 Vol. 1(4), pp. 018-028

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Constitutionalism at the Local Government Level in Nigeria

Mosun imasogie1 and U. E. Okolocha2*

1Faculty of Law, Ogun State University, Ago Iwoye, Nigeria.
2Council Secretariat, University of Abuja, Abuja, Nigeria.

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Accepted 6th November, 2015.


This paper looked into the operations of the Local Government system in Nigeria vis--vis basic constitutional concepts and practices. Because of the misapprehension and misapplication of the doctrine of Separation of Powers, the concept was discussed in some details through the political epochs in Nigeria. Such other doctrines as Checks and Balances, Rule of Law, Contract Theory, Sovereignty and Constitutionalism were also revisited. In doing these, the authors researched and reviewed various literatures on the subject, including Constitutions, Statutes, Decrees, Bye-Laws and Case Law which were generously cited. They found as a common practice and, thus, reached the conclusion that the concepts were either not observed or were wantonly breached at this level of government in Nigeria. They therefore recommended that this continuing challenge should be addressed in order to bring administration at this level into alignment with the State and Federal tiers in order to engender good governance.

Keywords: Constitutionalism, Federalism (Federation), Presidentialism (Presidential System), Parliamentarism (Parliamentary System), Militarism (Military Regime).

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