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January 2017 Vol. 4(1), pp. 001-007

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Original Research Paper

Polymorphism of Interferon Gamma Promoter and Receptor among Tuberculosis Patients in Basra Province, South of Iraq

Awatif H. Issa* and Mazin S. Salman

College of Sciences, University of Basra, Iraq.

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Accepted 12th January, 2016.


Tuberculosis again is about to be as nightmare that troubles slumber of the most advanced societies furthermore developing and non-developed societies. The main goal of the present study was to determine the correlation between the polymorphism in the promotor region of IFN-γ gene and IFN-γ receptor with TB outcome. Seventy-four cases were collected in the Institute of the Tuberculosis and Chest Disease - Basra city as confirmed cases with TB. Genomic DNA was extracted from 74 patients and equal number of healthy persons as control. IFN-γ promotor and IFN-γ receptor were amplified by conventional PCR by using two sets of specific primers. As result, there were nine single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) found in IFN-γ promotor of patients but were not found control. It appeared that (G→T) SNPs were the most common SNP in patients with a percentage of (33.5%) of all SNPs, followed by (G→C) SNPs and (G→A) each SNP with a percentage of (19%). For Interferon gamma receptor1, the results showed there was relationship between the number of CA motifs and susceptibility to infection with TB. Only eight microsatellites were recorded in the patients. The allele (CA)12 had no effect on susceptibility with TB infection, while the individuals which had (CA)17 and (CA)22 cleared to be the most apt to infection with (TB), but the alleles (CA)13, (CA)14 and (CA)19 repeats were responsible for protective against tuberculosis. The mean IFN-g serum level was significantly depressed in Patients (26.92±5.29 pg./ml), compared with healthy control (28.40±10.73pg/ml). From current study, we concluded that there is a genetic defect in IFN-γ genes was came from present of SNPs and variation in (CA) repeats the mater which had made some people more susceptible to infection than others with TB, this clarify re-outbreaks of infection from time to time. We strongly recommended doing additional study on other genetic factors that lead to increasing the susceptibility to tuberculosis disease in Iraqi community.

Keywords: Interferon Gamma Polymorphism, Tuberculosis/genetics, Single nucleotide polymorphism

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Awatif H. Issa and Mazin S. Salman. Polymorphism of Interferon Gamma Promoter and Receptor among Tuberculosis Patients in Basra Province, South of Iraq. Donnish Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences 4(1) 2017 pp. 001-007.

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