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March 2019 Vol. 4(1), pp. 001-006

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Effect of Proposed Program of Patient Safety on Nurse’s Performance and Quality of Care at Kosti and Rabak Teaching Hospitals-Sudan

Hayat Fadllalah Mukhtar1 and Mohammed Ibrahim Osman Ahmed2*

1Associate Professor of Medical-Surgical Nursing, Karrari University.
2Assistant Professor of Medical-Surgical Nursing, Al-Amal Complex for Mental Health, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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Accepted 6th February, 2019.


Background: The profession of Nursing has been at the forefront of patient safety taking special attention to the training and education of its workforce. Internationally, the International Council of Nurses (ICN) has been tackling this issue with force since it established that Patient safety is fundamental to quality health and nursing care. Aim: To study the impact of a design propose program for nurses about patient safety and evaluate the impact of it on nurses’ knowledge. Methodology: This was a quiz experimental study, One hundred and eight nurses were included as all the entire population meeting the inclusion criteria taken as a sample, using census to achieve a desirable level of precision, The data was collected in four phases using a self-administered questionnaire, phase one includes an orientation about the training program. Phase two (pretest data), in which the questionnaire was distributed for nurses and each one was allowed sufficient time to fill it. After collection of pretest data, the nurses have received the training program, the training was continued for four months. Phase three: A post-test was obtained from the participants at the end of the program, the same self-administrative questionnaire. Follow up phase include the same process in phase three after one, two and three months to make sure of the consistency. The data was analyzed by (SPSS) program with (P. value, mean, standard deviation, T. test, and chi squire test). Results: Nurses’ skills were improved after intervention of the program from not done and poor to be in proper skills and technique concerning safe patient monitoring infection control, safe medication administration, safety communication and safe environment. Recommendations: Great emphasis should be directed towards the educational aspects on patient safety by providing educational posters, guidelines, pamphlets, manual and modern educational facilities, collaboration should be encourage between institutions and federal ministry of health to formalize a protocol of patient safety.

Keywords: Patient, Safety, Nurses, Quality of care and Performance.

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