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November 2016 Vol. 2(1), pp. 001-004

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Will Pakistan Witness Another Military Takeover?

Muhammad Ali Ehsan

Doctorial Candidate, University of Karachi, Pakistan.

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Accepted 27th October, 2016.


Unless we compare we cannot differentiate. Comparing the success of democracy and what it means and brings to the lives of the people living in the developed world is a cause of optimism for the people living in the third world countries. But is democracy and its continuity bringing rewards and benefits in the lives of the people of Pakistan? Is democracy really prospering? Dwarfed by India the largest democracy in the world Ė Pakistan is yet to overcome its turbulent democratic history and appear on the regional map as truly successful and functional democracy. Poor governance, lack of security, corruption, terrorism, failure to stem ethnic and sectarian conflicts, nepotism, and polarized politics are some of the obstacles and barriers that the politicians in Pakistan have failed to overcome and so a lackluster and sometimes entirely dysfunctional democracy continues to persist. But itís not all bad news for democracy in Pakistan. People still continue to send their choice representatives to the legislative assemblies and even ballot them out when they donít deliver. And as long as the will of the people is allowed to surface there is hope not only for the continuity of democracy but what it promises to deliver to the people of Pakistan. The military in Pakistan has only been politicized when civilian politicians fail to manage the problems of the state when they fail to bring about the much needed social and economic reform and also fail to ensure national integration. The three martial laws in Pakistan were a result of the same problems. Pakistan which has previously been subjected to military intervention is yet again witnessing a civilian government that is losing control and authority and losing its popularity under the allegations of corruption and poor governance. Will Pakistan witness another military takeover?.

Keywords: Military takeover, Coup, Democracy, Civilian, Pakistan.

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