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November 2015 Vol. 2(4), pp. 037-043

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NORM in Soil and Sludge Samples in Dukhan Oil Field, Qatar State

A.T. Al-Kinani, M. Hushari*, I.A. Alsadig and Huda Al-Sulaiti

Radiation and Chemical Protection Department, Ministry of Environment, Doha-Qatar.

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Accepted 5th March, 2015.


The main objective of this work is to measure the activity concentrations of Naturally Occurring radioactive Materials (NORM) produced as by-products in oil production. The analysis of NORM gives available information for guidelines concerning radiation protection. Recently NORM was subjected to restricted regulation issued by high legal authority in Qatar state. Twenty five samples of soil from Dukhan onshore oil field and 10 sludge samples were collected from 2 offshore fields in Qatar state. High resolution low-level gamma-ray spectrometry is used to measure gamma emitters of NORM. The activity concentrations of natural radionuclide in 22 samples from Dukhan oil field, were with average worldwide values. Only three soil samples have high activity concentration of Ra-226 which is more than 185 Bq/kg, the exempted level for NORM in the Quatrain regulation. The natural radionuclide activity concentrations of 10 sludge samples from offshore oil fields was greater than 1100Bq/kg, the exempted values of NORM set by Quatrain regulation so the sludge need special treatments. The average hazards indices (Hex, D, and Raeq), for the 22 samples were below the word permissible values. This means that the human exposure to such material does not impose any radiation risk. The average hazard indices (Hex, D, and Raeq), for 3 soil samples and sludge samples were higer than the published maximum permissible values. Thus, human exposure to such material impose radiation risk.

Keywords: NORM, Gamma spectroscopy, By–products, Oil and gas industry, Risk, Radiation, Dukhan, Sampling.

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A.T. Al-Kinani, M. Hushari, I.A. Alsadig and Huda Al-Sulaiti. NORM in Soil and Sludge Samples in Dukhan Oil Field, Qatar State. Donnish Journal of Research in Environmental Studies 2(4) 2015 pp. 037-043.

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