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December 2015 Vol. 1(1), pp. 001-011

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Original Research Paper

Delineation of Priority Areas for Housing and Settlement in the Malang District, Province of East Java, Indonesia

Sri Meicharini

Doctoral Candidate, Merdeka Malang University (UNMER), Indonesia.

Accepted 20th September, 2015.


The phenomenon of increasing urbanization and the urban area of uncontrolled growth is a result of the needs of residential space and land continues to increase year by year. Rapid needs of residential areas that have an impact with the emergence of centers of activity agglomerated. Malang regency is located in the east Java province, Indonesia. It has increased rapidly enough for space and land requirements. Pakis subdistrict is located in Malang district that has grown up quite rapidly, especially for residential areas, including the construction of facilities and infrastructure. The problems that occurred in such the district of fern as an area of research is the development of uncontrolled settlements and not accompanied by improvement of service facilities, infrastructure and urban utilities. The impact that emerges is expanding slums and declining levels of public health, the declining quality of infrastructural services, residential facilities, increasing the potential vulnerability and social conflicts, as well as vulnerability to natural disasters. The research objective is: First, analyze delineation residential areas and residential communities in the Malang Pakis district. Second, analyze the factors supporting the delineation in residential areas and residential communities. The approach used is a qualitative descriptive analysis method delineation of settlements and housing as well as analysis of enabling and inhibiting factors. The results of this study indicate that there are two areas identified in delineation result ie. residential areas and settlements are growing rapidly and residential areas and slums. Priority handling in the arrangement suggested by promoting slum house renovation program. While the fast-growing region should pay attention to the aspirations of the local community members for consideration can have a house adjacent to the middle-income citizens.

Keywords: Delineation, Settlement area, Slums, Housing policy.

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