Our Services

Donnish Publishing House via the Donnish Journals offers the following academic services:

Publication of Academic Research Papers: We publish academic reasearch papers under 50 academic journals as listed on our journals page. We adopt the open research model and double-blinded peer review process.

Proofreading of Academic Documents: We offer professional English proofreading and editing of academic and official or personal documents. We have editors who are professionals across diverse academic fields and who are native English speakers. We also have editors who can help in reviewing website contents for better presentation.

Plagiarism Correctiom: Let us correct the index of similarity of your document to at least below 10% level.

Manuscript/Thesis Write-up Services: Do you need help with the preparation of your manuscript or thesis before publication, then you need tot to be worried. We have professional editors who are experts in their respective academic disciplines. Contact us for your manuscript or thesis write-up needs.

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