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Donnish Journal of Educational Research and Reviews (DJERR) is an open access academic refereed journal published monthly by Donnish Journals. (ISSN: 2984-8849)

DJERR publishes research articles that report premier fundamental discoveries and inventions, and the applications of those discoveries, unconfined by traditional discipline barriers. All articles published by DJERR are published in English.

The objective of DJERR is to publish the most significant as well as innovative articles all areas Biomedical Research; in other to accelerate the sharing and free-access of knowledge.

The scope of the journal is broad and it includes but not limited to the following areas of specialty:

Achievement Motivation, Bilingualism, Brain and Language, Bioethics for Handicapped Newborn, Cognitive processes, Computer Applications in Educational Administration, Counseling Athlete, Curriculum & Instruction, Economics Education, Education for the Mentally Retarded, Educational Administration, Educational Ethics and Law, Educational Evaluation and Measurement, Educational Governance, Educational Leadership, Educational Psychology, Educational Statistics, Environmental Education, Guidance and Counselling, Health Education, Instructional Technology, Moral Education, Philosophy of Education, Physical Education, Policy and Administration, Policy Studies, Psychoeducational assessment, Primary Education, Research of Scholastic Ability, Science Education, Special Education, Spoken Language Education, Teaching Method in Technology Education, Teaching-Learning Process Research, Technical Education, Vocational Education, etc.

All articles that are submitted to this journal are made to undergo sectioning to ensure that they are in line with the scope of DJRES and as well as the instructions for authors. Thereafter they are double-blindedly peer-reviewed by both internal and external reviewers. More than 100 reviewers are working diligently to shorten the review cycle of the academic research publication; and help researchers to pay more attention on the research itself, not waiting for too long, for suggestions from reviewers.

To be accepted, a paper must be judged to be truly outstanding in its field and to be of interest to a wide audience. The primary criteria during the review and selection process of the submitted papers are; sound theoretical basis, valid empirical application and analysis, and contribution to the fields of agriculture. The primary criteria in the final selection of the papers once the review process is complete are quality, originality, and relevance to the international agricultural fields.


Copyright is a major issue for DJERR. Manuscript submission and their accessibility is not an infringement of copyright. All articles in DJERR remain the property of their authors.


The contents of published articles represent solely the ideas of authors. Editors as well as Board of Editors of DJERR are not responsible for the views expressed by authors. However, the Editorial Board of DJERR takes responsibility for making publication decisions for submitted manuscripts based on the reviewer’s evaluation of the manuscript, policies of the journal Editorial Board and legal restrain acting against plagiarism, libel and copyright infringement.

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